DimLit Tips

  • Hold your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch a few inches from the page you are trying to read. If you hold it to close to the page, the camera in your mobile digital device will not be able to focus. This is especially true for autofocus cameras in conditions with very little light. If your iPhone does not seem to be focusing, try moving it further away from the menu.
  • Wait a second or two before making any adjustments. This will give your mobile digital device time to make any automatic adjustments it can.
  • If your device supports autofocus, you can tap this button to make the camera focus. The focus button is in the toolbar at the bottom of your screen. If you are using an iPhone or iPod touch. Tap the "i" button to display the toolbar. If your device has a torch (flash) it will light while the camera is focusing then turn off automatically when the autofocus has finished. If your devices has autofocus but does not have a torch (like the iPhone 3GS), you might need to focus where there is more light. Once focused, you can use DimLit in anywhere, even in lower light.
  • Adjust the image (slide your finger) before entering high contrast mode (double tap). Then fine tune by sliding your finger on the screen. Double tap if you want to go back to normal mode.
  • Remember that your camera is in the corner of your mobile device, not the center. Keep this in mind when positioning your mobile device.
  • Be sure to turn off DimLit by pressing the Home button when you are done. DimLit does not shut off automatically (otherwise the screen would dim while you are trying to read).
  • If your device has a torch, you can lock the torch on by selecting "Torch" from the Settings menu.