Take a dimly light menu.

and amplify the available light.


Magnify more.

Increase contrast.

Which really helps with checks or receipts like this one.

See what I mean!

DimLit is simple to use.

Ever have trouble reading a menu in a dimly lit restaurant? I have. That's why I developed DimLit.

Use DimLIt to discretely help you read in dimly lit situations or simply help you read small print in everyday situations.

DimLit can amplify available light, magnify and increase contrast of the live video stream from your iPhone or iPod touch camera.

DimLit is simple to use. Just hold your iPhone or iPod touch a few inches from whatever you are trying to read. Swipe your finger side to side or up and down to adjust the lightness. Use a pinch gesture to control magnification.

Double tap to enter high contrast mode. High contrast mode is especially useful for reading light printing on a light background (or dark printing on a dark background). Swipe your finger to adjust the display. Double tap again to go back to normal mode.

Shake your iPhone or iPod touch to reset DimLit to its default settings.

Touch the "i" icon for a demonstration of these features. You can stop the demonstration by shaking your iPhone or iPod touch.

DimLit is not a flashlight app or a fake night vision app. It uses digital image processing algorithms on a live video feed from your iPhone or iPod touch camera . DimLit does not require a built-in torch (flash). It works with the available light. Avoiding the glare that would be caused by using the torch at close distances.

These algorithms have been optimized to give you the best results while limiting battery usage. Be sure to turn off DimLit when you are done using it. Just press the Home button on your iPhone or iPod touch to turn off DimLit.

Watch this video for a demonstration.